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Does oral health really help avoid the transmission of COVID-19?

It has been a year now since the pandemic started. And with the continuous studies going on, it has been recently found out that, YES, having a healthy oral hygiene helps avoid the transmission of COVID-19. This is according to the Journal of Oral Medicine and Dental Research that was published last April 20, 2021 in United Kingdom. Different experts from the University of Birmingham (United Kingdom), Salisbury District Hospital (United Kingdom), Mouth-Body Research Institute (United States), and Mouth-Body Research Institute (South Africa), have come together to do a research on how oral hygiene can lower the transmission of the virus.

In doing the research, the team studied the dental records of 568 COVID-19 patients. Based on their findings, the accumulation of plaque and periodontal inflammation increases the probability of SARS-CoV-2 virus to reach the lungs and lead to a more severe infection. That is why, dentists in Muntinlupa, adheres to the promotion of maintaining a healthy oral hygiene as it can help save more lives.

Just like what the researchers advise to the public, E. Olea Dental Clinic, also promotes the use of dental products such as mouth wash and floss in addition to the normal brushing of teeth. Having an oral prophylaxis or oral cleaning every 6 months is also a big help in order to ensure good oral hygiene and lessen the risk of building plaques.

Visit the nearest dental clinic in Putatan, Muntinlupa and schedule your dental appointment now.


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