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About Us

E. Olea Dental Clinic is located in the heart of Muntinlupa City. But before it reaching multitudes of milestones, it went through decades of dedication and has served many Filipinos since 1982.

E. De Mesa Dental Clinic


Dra. Elsa De Mesa, now well-known as Dra. Elsa DM. Olea, the President of Philippine League of Local Government Dentists, Inc. starts her own dental clinic. People call it as E. De Mesa Dental Clinic. This is also the start of what would be a glorious rise to where she and her family is now.

Muntinlupa Doctor's and E & E Dental Clinic


A window of opportunity opens for the De Mesa family. The family acquires property along National Road, Barangay Putatan, signaling permanence and definite establishment. The Family founds a hospital and calls it Muntinlupa Doctor's Clinic. Dra. Elsa moves her clinic here and renames it to E & E Dental Clinic in honor of her husband, Mr. Eduardo Olea Sr.

E & E Olea Dental Clinic


The success starts to flourish. The family decides to further its advancements by renovating the hospital building and restructuring the hospital into a commercial space. Dr. Olea keeps the clinic but further enhances its facilities, thus, renaming it to E & E Olea Dental Clinic to celebrate it's brand new look.

E. Olea Dental Clinic


Showers of new blessings come for the Olea Family.  The only son, Dr. Eduardo Olea Jr., passes the licensure exam and joins the clinic as part of the ever-growing faculty as a resident dentist. The clinic rebrands to E. Olea Dental Clinic to celebrate and commemorate this glorious milestone.

E. Olea Dental Corporation


Despite the pandemic, E. Olea Dental Clinic conquers the playing field by transforming itself from sole proprietorship into a full-fledged corporation.

With over thousands of clients served and being serviced, E. Olea Dental Clinic perseveres through time and continues to prove itself by providing unequaled, trusted, and high-quality dental services.

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