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Who should wear dentures and when?

Often times, dentures are associated with older people and causes hesitation every time dentists recommend younger patients to wear one. But why do people wear dentures and when is the best time to wear it? Here are some of the common reasons why you should wear dentures:

1. Loss of teeth – If you are only missing a single tooth, the dentist may recommend a dental crown or bridge. However, if there are multiple teeth to be extracted and needs to be replaced dentures can be a more practical and affordable option.

2. Damaged Teeth – If your teeth is damaged, you might be conscious and hesitant to show your smile - especially if the chipped portion is in the anterior or front area. You may try the usual tooth restoration procedure (also known as pasta) to fix it but that could be not as sturdy as dental crowns and bridges. Another sturdy and more affordable option you might consider to have a perfect smile is to have dentures.

3. Chewing Problems - Another benefit of having dentures aside from the aesthetic purposes is to support you as you chew your food for a better digestion. Especially, if all your teeth were already extracted, you might need a full or complete denture.

Should you want to know more about dentures or learn more about the other options available for your teeth, visit the nearest dental clinic in Putatan, Muntinlupa and schedule your dental appointment now.



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