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Virtual Consultation

Procedure and Guidelines


Prepare the Pre-Payment

Send your payment through GCASH / FUND TRANSFER 


Account Name    : Eduardo Olea Jr.                      

GCash Mobile    : 0966 203 2288                               

Bank                  : PSBank / 075 100  001 082


Send Copy of Proof of Payment 

Send a screenshot of your payment to any of the following accounts:

Facebook Page      E. Olea Dental Clinic                                 

Viber/Telegram     (+63) 917 118 3064


Schedule an Appointment

Select your preferred schedule thru our online calendar and type your Payment Ref. No. on the space provided

  • Please be on time.

    • ​Should you want to re-schedule your appointment, please call us at (+63) 917 118 3064 at least 1 hour before the appointment.

    • No-show without any written (SMS/chat/email) notice from the client shall be non-refundable.

  • Please note that virtual calls may require you to open your camera so that the dentist can check your mouth. Therefore you should:

    • Make sure your area is brightly lit.

    • Ensure you are dressed appropriately.

    • The surroundings is quiet enough for you to understand the dentist; and

    • Stay in an area with stable wi-fi/data signal for our virtual call. 

      • Patients with unstable internet connection / noisy surroundings may be requested to re-schedule their appointment if needed.

      • Virtual consultation may also be done via phone call if the client really can't reconnect to the internet. 

  • Medical Certificates and Prescriptions may be requested and it shall be sent to you via soft copy.  

    • Requesting for the delivery of hard copies shall be done via courier and  the costs shall be shouldered by the patient.​

Reminders before the Virtual Consultation

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